Curriculum Information


     As a center, we strongly believe that the curriculum should be integrated with the use of high quallity assessment tools, professional development and through meaningful avenues to connect families in a well-rounded environment that addresses every area of development.  Based on that belief is why we have chosen The Creative Curriculum, the country's leading scientifically based comprehensive curriculum, as a basis to create a high quality center.

     Along with thematic units, our center implements a developmentally sound program that promotes children's social-emotional development and leaning in the core areas of language, literacy, mathematics, science, technology, and social studies.

     Each child is considered a unique person with an individual timetable, where growth and development flourish on all levels.  Each child is given daily opportunities to learn, explore, and create and excel in all areas of development.  Our curriculum allows children to be creative through creative expressions where learning is always fun, exciting, and purposeful!


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